Wild Republic Strengthens Boy’s Toys Lines

- New Mongo Grinders™ and Updated Morphs™ Get Dr. Toy Honors -

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Twinsburg, OH - (August 3, 2009) – Wild Republic, the nature-themed toy brand of K&M International, Inc., today announced a third-party confirmation for its commitment to strengthen its boy’s toy lines. The company has received the Dr. Toy 2009 Vacation Product Award for both its Mongo Grinders™ action figures, as well as its newly redesigned Morphs™ interactive toys.

“It is wonderful affirmation to be recognized by Dr. Toy for our Morphs and Mongo Grinders lines. Offering fun, quality nature-themed boys toys has been one of the areas of concentration for Wild Republic this year,” “Vishnu Chandran, Executive Director of Wild Republic, said.

Wild Republic rolled out its Mongo Grinders, bendable suction-cup attachable, skateboarding animal action figures in stores nationwide this Spring, and backed the launch with an interactive website supporting the dude crew at www.mongogrinders.com Mongo Grinders incorporate the core Wild Republic philosophy of bringing wildlife education to children through creative, inspiring products. “Utilizing an extreme sport, like skateboarding, along with fun animal friendly personalities, Mongo Grinders have been a great new product for us,” Craig Hopp , Marketing Manager, said.

Mongo Grinders are a group of cool, skateboarding zoo dudes that carry an important mission of teaching environmental concerns when, as the story goes, they sneak out of the zoo one night to skate the streets, only to discover that the planet’s ecosystems are in danger. Now, the Mongo Grinders skate to reach and teach others about conservation because Planet Earth is the only skate park!

Wild Republic offers individual Mongo Grinder animals (MSRP $6.99, for ages 4 and up) such as Kickflip Tree Frog, Backslide Crocodile, Nosegrind Rhino, and Bail Wolf, as well as deluxe 2 piece animal sets with environments and ramps (MSRP $17.99).

“Mongo Grinders are a great affiliate line to one of our perennial best selling lines, Morphs,” Hopp explained. “Last year, Wild Republic dropped its “Magna” (magnet) component of its Morphs line in favor of a safer and more eco-friendly snap together feature.” The entirely new Morphs line was reintroduced with all of Wild Republic ’s consumer-favorite animal species, dinosaurs, and figure sets, along with all-new completely compatible lines of Morphs Cars and Morphs Environments sets.

“When we added vehicle Morphs to our line of animal Morphs, we’ve seen an even greater spike among boys who were interested in creative, action-oriented creature creation toys,” Hopp said.

Chandran said, “We felt that it was extremely important to make a proactive modification to the Morphs line. The slight modification to snap pieces created an even stronger consumer confidence in Wild Republic.”

Wild Republic Morphs (MSRP $10 - $16, for ages 4 and up) offer a unique way to challenge a child's imagination through building and creative play.

Throughout its 30 years, Wild Republic has had a knack for knowing the “next big thing” among people’s natural wildlife wonder and offering a broad spectrum of various animal species products to meet that demand. Now, as Wild Republic prepares to move into its fourth decade of wildlife education, the company is clearly the long-term leader in providing nature-themed toys. Other brands offered by the company include Cuddlekins, WOWs, Audubon Birds, Steve Irwin Wildlife Adventure Series, Australia Zoo’s Bindi Irwin Product Range, Paws & Claws, Vibes, Know & Grow, Garden Accents, wooden puzzles, wind-ups, wall walkers and puppets, among other items. The constantly evolving product offerings are updated on the brands' website at www.wildrepublic.com.