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Our biodegradable toys become

part of the earth again!

Thank you for joining Wild Republic in our commitment to protecting our planet. By purchasing a biodegradable toy, you are joining us in our conservation efforts to reduce the waste that toys create at the end of their life cycle.

Once your toy has brought years of joy and learning, hopefully, passed on from child to child, it will become a part of the earth again. Simply click here to print a return label, send your toys to us, and we will ensure they are disposed of properly to become part of the earth again. This is made possible through a special process in the creation of the toy that allows it to break down when exposed to elements found in landfills, like algae.

At Wild Republic, our mission is to connect humans and animals with the wonder and beauty of nature. This means sustaining our planet for generations to come. We hope our products inspire you to join our mission.

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