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The Ankylosaurus had an unusually small brain. As a rule, slow, armored, plant-munching animals don’t require much in the way of intelligence. This is because their defensive strategy consists mainly of flopping down on the ground!


It was nearly impossible to tip over an adult Ankylosaurus and dig into its soft belly because the dinosaur was built close to the ground, with a very low center of gravity.


The armour of the Ankylosaurus was made up of ’osteoderms,’ or ’scutes.’ These were deeply embedded plates of bone that were covered by a thick layer of keratin, the same protein as is contained in human hair.


The Ankylosaurus had to eat a huge amount of plants to survive. This meant that its gut must have been very large. It probably had a fermentation chamber to help the digestion of the tough plant material, producing prodigious amounts of gas!
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