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On The Go Planters

On The Go Planters

Wild Republic DIY

On The Go Planters

Craft Project

These unexpected truck planters give your garden a little touch of adventure. Great for adults or school-age projects!

Choose your favorite truck and fasten your set belt get ready to be entertaining with these amusing planters.

  1.  Added a small layer of stones for drainage in the bed of the truck.
  2.  Pour a thick layer of potting soil into the bed of the truck.
  3. In the bed of the truck plant, your favorite plants.

Materials Needed:

  • Adventure Series Tiger and Pick-up Truck #20642
  • Adventure Series Hot Rod Truck and Crocodile #20945
  • Adventure Series Hot Rod Truck and Wolf #20943
  • Potting Soil
  • Small Stones
  • Plants
  • Enhances with preferred materials

Recycle old toy trucks, old watering cans, old rain boots, and much more. Let your imagination run free and rediscover the things around you.

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