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About me

Let me tell you about my family, friends and me. I live in the water, but do you know that I breathe air like animals living on the land?

My cousins and I live in most seas and oceans around the world and in some rivers too. Some of my cousins live in coastal areas too.

Our family

Whales, porpoises and we dolphins are from the same Genus. Though not related to us, there is a fish that goes by the name of Dolphinfish or Mahi-Mahi.

We have more than 42 branches of our family and occasionally some of us vacation together. There are seven species of porpoises, who are also related to us.

My other cousins are: Bottlenose Dolphins, Spotted Dolphins, White-sided Dolphins, Humpback Dolphins, and the list goes on….

Do you know what we have for food?

We love fishes, but we eat a lot of other things too…

Like a variety of squids, crustaceans like shrimps, and so on. We love to hunt fish in groups. We sometimes encircle a large school of fish and herd them into a small, dense mass. Then we take turns to charge through the school and feed!.

Our special things

Hurray!! Now let me tell you about some special things about my body, I have a dorsal fin on top of my body like sharks; so, some people confuse us with sharks! (chuckle…chuckle…).

We are friendly

We are very friendly and funny aquatic mammals.

Not afraid of the dark

We can find swimming routes and food in the dark with the help of our echolocation skills.
(yaay!! we are not afraid of the dark!!!)

Can you see it?

I will tell you a secret! We breathe through a hole on top of our head, can you see it? This is called a blow hole. We open it when we come to the surface to breathe and close it every time we dive. (Yippee!)

Shhh... Don't tell

But we don’t chew our food – just break it into small pieces and swallow. The rest of the digestion is taken care of by our four stomach compartments.

Playing with food

Like cats, some of us like to play with food. We toss fishes on ocean or river beds and
eat them when they are stunned by being out of the water..


Do you know that smaller dolphins live for about 20 to 50 years and the bigger ones for about 80 or more years? Friends, it is important for you and me to join the cause to save nature and help save all species including mine.

BAIJI or Yangtze River dolphin is sadly believed to be extinct, sacrificed to population pressures and industrialization. Please help us survive by protecting our habitat. Dams and industrialization are the most common reasons that destroy river dolphins.

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