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Egyptian Gift Box

Egyptian Gift Box

Egyptian Gift Box

Wild Republic DIY

Egyptian Gift Box

Craft Project

Creating a fun and whimsical Egyptian Gift Box for that special someone. They will love the gift, but they will never forget the box! Perfect for birthday parties, baby shower, Valentine’s day, and office parties. Great ideas for any age.

Take your favorite rubber duck using hot glue or liquid glue to secure to the lid and place your items inside the box.

Wild Republic’s collectible line of Rubber Ducks features 31 wildly unique and highly detailed ducks they are all adorable.


Materials Needed:

  • Rubber ducks #22846 Rubber Duck Cleopatra / #22844 Rubber Duck King Tut
  • Gift box
  • Hot glue gun or Liquid Glue
  • Enhance with favorite materials

Let’s not forget your favorite candy!

Recycle any box with a flat lid.