Macaw Parrot

The Facts

  • Genus/Species: Ara/  There are 17 species.
  • Conservation Status: Endangered
  • Location: Central and South America

Macaw Parrot
Macaw Parrot

The Scoop

Colorful and Loud

Macaw parrots are found in rainforests and tropical jungles. They are intensely-colored parrots with great strong beaks and long tails. They come in a fantastic color range and combinations, from the stunning blue and gold macaw to the green-winged, scarlet macaw and yellow-collared ones. Macaws have four toes on each foot, with two toes facing forward and two toes facing backward. This foot adaptation helps the macaw to grip the branches of trees and perch on them without slipping off. Macaws are social birds and need plenty of interaction. They can be very loud and their scream is really ear-shattering.  They are highly intelligent and good mimics. Flocks sleep in the trees at night and in the morning they may fly long distances to feed on fruit. They have been known to use tools and they like to play with interesting objects they find. Macaws are also big chewers, something they need to do to keep their beaks in good shape

The macaw is one of the largest parrots in the world and can grow to be as tall as a five year old kid- almost 40 inches in height. It has a large and powerful beak which means that it can break the shells of nuts and seeds easily. Its diet consists mainly of fruits, nuts, seeds and insects. The main threats to Macaws are deforestation and humans who hunt and capture these beautiful parrots.


Did You Know?

  • Macaws have dry, scaly tongues that have a bone inside them which makes them an effective tool for tapping into fruits.
  • Some species of macaws eat damp soil, which may help to neutralize chemicals in their fruity diet.
  • A macaw’s beak is so strong it can easily crush a whole Brazil nut—or a person’s knuckle!
  • Most macaws start out with gray or black eyes when they’re young, which change to brown or yellow when they mature.


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