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Panmana Asramam

Panmana Asramam
is an acknowledged centre of learning and service situated amidst lush coconut palms and paddy fields. Because of its simple and serene surroundings, the Asramam has been a pilgrim centre that for the past 75 years has been attracting thousands of people from all over the world. Mahatma Gandhi visited the Asramam and stayed there for two days spending the time in prayers and contemplation.

Jeevakarunyam (Kindness toward living beings) forms the pillars of foundation of the Panmana Asramam. Mr. Gopala B. Pillai and the Jeevakarunyam scheme have together created a rescue and rehabilitation center for animals that are abandoned or destined to slaughter-houses. These animals are taken in, nursed to good health, fed and kept in reasonable comfort until their natural death.

The shelter has its own water-supply pond and a warehouse to stock feeds and other material. Staff, including veterinarians, is housed on the campus. Animal manure is used to cultivate fodder for cattle and generate gas for energy needs. The farm uses only organic pesticides. Scouting for a second location for the expansion of this project is already on. The aim is that these projects will be adopted by local groups everywhere to become harbingers of social good and universal compassion.

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