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Plush Gets Big Reaction at Santa's TFD Gift Run

On Behalf of the Twinsburg Fire Department, I would like to thank you and K& M International for the generous donation of plush for our very popular Santa's TFD Gift Run. The event was held on Sunday December 14 and over 350 gifts were delivered by two fire engine crews (including two Santa's), during a five-hour period.

Here's why K & M's donation was so important to us: gifts for the run are purchased by the parents or guardians and then dropped off at the fire station for delivery. As predicted, I knew that some children whose parents did not sign up, would see Santa pull up to the neighboring house and either come outside or stare out of the window. At this point, our support staff or accompanying elves would spot these kids, approach the parents for their names, grab K & M plush and then inform our Santa of their names while stuffing your product in his bag. I cannot convey in words the reaction from these kids when they realized that Santa had indeed not forgotten them! We received so many appreciative comments from these families and not only did we promote next years event to those parents, put we also informed them that K & M donated those items.

The best drop offs involving K & M plush were the added-in stops of needy or special needs kids whose parents had no idea that we would be showing up (these names were provided by Twinsburg City Schools). Within the enclosed photos, you will find one particular of a young man with Downs Syndrome who came running down the sidewalk just to hug Santa. Look closely, and you'll see some K & M plush in his hand, which made him that much happier!

Thanks again and Happy Holiday!

Steven Bosso, OFE
Assistant Chief, Twinsburg Fire Department

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