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Introducing over 100 new ecofriendly SKUs taking us to 300+ 100% ecofriendly items

Products that clean up the Earth

These products are made from recycled material and all of our plush use 100% recycled fill.

We are now offering Cuddlekins designs made from recycled material with embroidered eyes.

Eco-Friendly Facts:

  • Ecokins are made from 100% fabric and plastic fiber fill.
  • 16 Water bottles are used to make one 12” ecokin.
  • Biodegradable packing.

When you are done playing with your adorable Ecokin, please send it back to one of the addresses below to give it a second life:

International Headquarters: USA

7711 E. Pleasant Valley Rd.,
Ohio, USA, 44131.

Wild Republic Denmark

Wild Republic Europe(Denmark) ApS,
Fynsvej 60, DK-5500 Middelfart,