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Wild Republic renews commitment to Social Responsibility

Wild Republic renews commitment to Social Responsibility

Wild Republic renewed its corporate social responsibility strategy to further enhance the company’s commitment to being as environmentally friendly and ethically responsible as possible. Its “Promise to the Planet” includes using less chemicals, using recycled plastic beans in its plush, 80% recycled cardboard, the elimination of single-use plastic, and more. Together, these efforts will reduce Wild Republic’s carbon footprint and back a company-wide eco-friendly directive launched last October.

“My grandson and I exist to protect humans and animals,” says G.B. Pillai, founder of Wild Republic. “Our projects focus on enhancing the quality of life for humans, creation of environmentally conscious products and fostering partnerships with foundations dedicated to preserving the earth’s most precious treasure, the animals. The animals inspire our product portfolio and animal education drives the curiosity needed to change the world.”

Pillai’s vision continues with his grandson, Vishunu Chandran, now serving as president of Wild Republic.

“It is our mission to positively impact the lives of children on this planet by inspiring curiosity and wildlife education,” Chandran adds. “We are equally committed to nature and conservation. Regrind plastic beans, recycled cardboard, soy ink, and the elimination of single-use plastics are examples of how we will deliver on our promise to protect our planet. We are dedicated to finding new ways to reduce non-biodegradable materials and leverage post-consumer materials in our products and packaging for years to come.”

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