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Wild Republic Newsbites – old

Wild Republic Newsbites – old


Wild Republic products are sold worldwide, so we must follow the strictest safety standards

One test required by the EU for toy safety is EN71 . EN71 is an 11-part test consisting of three key parts:

  • EN71 Part 1: Mechanical & Physical Properties of Toys. The purpose of this standard is to reduce the risk of injury to the child during play. Scientific tests are performed based on the type of toy and characteristics of the toy. Tests check for sharp edges, protruding parts, parts that can easily be swallowed, etc.
  • EN71 Part 2: Flammability of Toys. This standard performs tests to detect the presence of flammable materials, how long the item burns, and how quickly flames spread. It applies to toys to be worn on the head, disguises, costumes, items worn in play, soft-filled toys, and toys intended to be entered by a child.
  • EN71 Part 3:Migration of Certain Elements. This involves the migration of elements such as chromium, lead and 16 other toxic elements. It applies to toy materials like paint, ink, lacquers, and more.

For more information on toy tests visit the ASTM site at


Slap bracelets and our adorable huggers are super-hot sellers

Here is how our triple protection works to ensure the mechanism inside these products is safe.

  • First the metal edges of the snap bracelet are ground to remove any sharp edges.
  • The edges are then taped and the snap band is slid into a sheath.
  • Lastly, the sheath is encased in a fabric cover to provide three layers of protection from the skin.



Rightfully so, there is a lot of conversation about single use plastics

At Wild Republic we have been working to reduce our use of single-use plastics for several years now. This process sometimes raises the cost of goods.
Once you open a package of a toy and take away the plastic tray, you then have a labor charge to tie in each piece that the toy contains.However, we at Wild Republic have made that change on most all new toys and have transitioned some of our most popular toys – like E-Teams – to open boxes. The effort continues in 2019 to convert Movable sets, binoculars and more to packaging that will not contain single use plastic.