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Quick Facts

Genus: Diplodocus

Location: North America

The Scoop

The Scoop

Long Tail, Small Brain

The Diplodocus is probably the most well known among all dinosaurs, because many documentaries have been made about it, and it has been featured in many cartoons and movies. It lived in the mountainous regions of North America- in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and Montana. The Diplodocus was on this planet more than 150 million years ago, during what is known as the Jurassic Age. The name Diplodocus comes from the Greek language and means ‘double beam’- a reference to the strangely shaped bones found in the dinosaur’s tail.

The Diplodocus was one of the longest animals to have lived on Earth. It was around 90 feet long. Its neck was around 26 feet in length. The neck was so long that the Diplodocus could not hold it more than 17 feet off the ground. The Diplodocus also had an extraordinarily long tail- more than 46 feet from base to tip- which played an important role in balancing its body.  The front legs were shorter than the back legs, which were very powerful. This dinosaur was 16 ft tall at the hips and weighed between 10 to 15 tons-   or as much as a large truck! It was a plant eater that grazed in large.

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Diplodocus Stuffed Animal - 17"

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