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Quick Facts

Genus: Sylvilagus

Location: North America and southwestern Europe

The Scoop

The Scoop

There are many species of rabbit, but the most common are the European and cottontail rabbits. Rabbits range from reddish brown to gray in color, and typically live around the perimeters of open meadows, or in underground burrows known as “rabbit holes.”

Rabbits are herbivores, and typically come out at night to graze on grasses and garden vegetables. In winter, they begin to eat much coarser foods such as bark and twigs. During the day, rabbits often remain hidden in areas of vegetation to avoid predators. When spotted, rabbits escape in a zigzag pattern, moving up to 18 miles an hour.

Baby rabbits are so helpless, only about 15 percent survive their first year. Fortunately, rabbits have three or four litters per year, with three to eight young in each litter.

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