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Quick Facts

Genus: Panthera tigris

Location: South and South East Asia, China and Russia

The Scoop

The Scoop

Large, Powerful and Beautiful

Tigers are the largest of all cats. A tiger has beautiful stripes, and it is difficult to spot a tiger in its natural surroundings because the unique orange, black and white pattern helps it to blend into the forests and grassy areas where it lives and hunts.

Tigers are strong and powerful animals. A tiger can weigh up to 720 pounds. If you are 8 years old and weigh around 60 pounds, a tiger weighs about 12 times as much as you do! Males can reach between 8 and 10 feet in length. Tigers can run very fast. They have been known to reach speeds up to 40 mph, which is almost as fast as a car moving in your neighborhood! They are good swimmers too and can swim quite long distances at a stretch. Tigers are carnivores, or meat-eating animals. They are quiet, patient hunters with large powerful paws and teeth to help them catch and eat their prey. Some of their favorite meals include pigs, deer, rhinoceroses, and even small elephants.

Historically, the number of tigers in the wild declined drastically due to huge habitat losses and hunting. In 2016, the World Wildlife Organization reported the number of wild tigers increased for the first time in a century! Rising tiger populations in India, Russia, Nepal, improved tiger surveys, and protection of the species were credited for the growth. You can help to save the tiger by joining the World Wildlife Fund’s Global Tiger Conservation programs.