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Q. Why is the firm conducting this recall?

A. We are conducting this recall to keep children safe and prevent injuries by removing the problem slap watches. We are asking all consumers to return the recalled slap watch for a full refund.


Q. How much is the refund? How long will it take till we receive it?

A. The refund is $7.99? It will take a few weeks for us to issue the check and mail it to you. We will need to receive the recalled slap watch first, before we can issue the check.


Q. Have there been any injuries?

A. No, we have not received any incidents or injuries. We are aware that the batteries may come loose from our competitors and want to be proactive and make sure we protect our customers.


Q. How can I tell if my slap watch is affected by the recall?

A. All Wild Republic slap watches sold from March 2018-April 2021 are affected. The face on the slap watch comes with an animal design or historical figures. On the back of the slap watch it states, “Made in China” and has the initials K & M on it.


Q. How can I take advantage of the recall?

A. Wild Republic is offering consumers a full refund for their slap watch. You can go to their website and fill out of the form or I can take your contact information. The email address is or go to and complete the form.

Q. What is the problem with my slap watch?

A. The coin cell battery inside the slap watches can fall out, posing battery ingestion and choking hazards to young children.


Q. My slap watch appears to be operating okay. Can I continue to use it?

A. No. Even though the slap watch appears to be safe, we are asking all customers to immediately stop using the slap watch and participate in the recall by returning the slap watch to us for a refund.


Q. I no longer have the receipt for the slap watch. Can I still return it?

A. Yes. You can still return the slap watch without a receipt.


Q. Will I receive a refund for the slap watch?

A. Yes. You will receive a full refund for the purchase price of the slap watch, plus shipping postage after we receive the recalled slap watch.

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