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Republic Rescue

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Due to deforestation, poaching and so many other reasons, many wildlife species need our help. If you choose this option, the funds will go to help orphaned and injured elephants get well and go back into the wild.

Be sure to buy only sustainably sourced animal products whether be sharks teeth or elephant hair bracelets….

The dogs and cats in shelters that are awaiting new loving homes need lots of care which costs money. We work with a local loving humane society which your funds will go to if you choose this option.

Please visit your local shelters to adopt your next pet.

Lots of birds are injured in the wild by various means. When they are, they need healing love and care. If you choose this category the funds will go to a bird rehabilitation center to help heal them and release them back into the wild.

If you come across an injured bird, and you are sure it needs help, carefully wrap it in a towel and take it to your nearest wildlife or nature facility.

Sea Turtles need quiet calm beaches to lay their eggs and these are harder for them to find today. In addition, many turtles get caught and injured in old fishing nets. If you choose this option, the funds will go to a turtle rescue and rehab center.

Properly discard all old and unused fishing equipment and give turtles plenty of space when you see them on the beach.


What does Wild Republic Rescue mean to you?


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