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Meet my cousin

I am a three-toed sloth. My cousin is a two toed sloth. Two toed sloths have only two toes on front feet and they are bigger than me. We both have three toes on our back feet.

Now let me tell you some interesting things about us

We sleep for about fifteen hours a day during daylight hours. We wake up at night to eat.

People think two-toed sloths live twenty years in the wild, but they don‛t know for sure. Our kin in captivity have lived thirty to forth years and a brother lived in a German zoo for fifty years.

From the moment we are born, we can lift our body weight with one arm. We have a lot less muscle than other same-sized mammals, But we are three times stronger than even average humans!

We are blind in daylight, completely color-blind and see poorly in dim light, but we have a keen sense of smell and spatial memory.

We are normally slow yet we can be fast!

We are slow on land…but really fast swimmers. We can move three times faster in water than on land.

My size

My ancestors were huge and land-based. But, over a hundred thousand years ago, we have become small and tree-based. We are now about two feet (sixty centimeters) long and weigh between nine and seventeen pounds (four to eight kilograms) and are about the size as a large dog.

My topsy-turvy world

We curl up or hang upside down from the branches of trees most of the time. We sleep, eat, and do everything upside down! Even if we fall one hundred feet, we do not get hurt! In fact, we fall off trees about once a week all our lives.

We live precarious lives..

Jaguars and eagles hunt us but we have long claws and teeth to defend ourselves.

Our diets

Two-toed sloths eat plants, soft twigs, fruits, leaves, and also insects, bird‛s eggs, and small lizards.. But we three-toed sloths are vegetarian and eat only leaves and buds of select trees like leafy Cecropia.


When it comes to water, we both lap dew off leaves and fruits and also get water from our food.

Please let us survive…

Our imminent and serious threat is from humans, We can survive only in tropical rainforest ecosystems which people are destroying rapidly, thereby threatening their and our survival on earth!

Help yourselves and us by using all natural habitats and resources responsibly!

Save Trees! Save Lives!!

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