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About Snuggleluvs
Snuggleluvs are soft and whimsical stuffed animals are super fun with long fluffy hair. These sweet and fabulous plush pieces will add great visual interest to your shop and make for great tabletop display pieces.
“Snuggleluvs are specifically designed to provide comfort and ease anxiety. With their added weight, extra softness and optimal cuddling size, Snuggleluvs are a stress-relieving companion for all ages.”
Albert the shy guy
Albert is shy, often keeping to himself except when called upon to offer scoop on the latest barnyard happenings.  Although Albert is quiet, he is very smart.
Penny the nervous nelly
Penny is a nervous nelly although she will never admit it.  She hesitates to even slide on her fluffy belly for fear of hitting a rock.  Her group does a nice job of convincing her to take risks though, assuring her they will keep her safe.
Sally life of the party
Sally is considered the leader of the group, mostly because she is never afraid to take her own path. The group won’t let her get lost knowing she always means well! To call Sally outgoing would be an understatement.  She will talk to anyone, anywhere.
Bubbles the carefree bee
Bubbles could be caught flying around in a severe hurricane, yet he would still be giggling without a care in the world. Bubbles may not be the smartest of the pack but will never bring an ounce of negativity.
Pixie toughest of the bunch
Pixie is the toughest of the bunch, Bernie and Baxter may talk like the toughest, but Pixie will never fold in any situation.  Everyone knows they can count on Pixie for friendship or simply to talk a walk with.
Bernie the troublemaker

Bernie and Baxter are the troublemakers of the bunch. These twins are always up to no good or working hard to fix their most recent mistakes. Of the two, Bernie is the master of mischief always scheming how they can get an unlimited supply of fish or what house might have the most sweets.

Baxter the aspiring artist
Baxter really wishes his brother Bernie would come up with better ideas or, for a change, take his ideas into consideration as he hates trouble, but loves his brother. Baxter may seem to be tough with his brother, but he really doesn’t care to hunt for sweets and treats.  He just wants to become an artist.
Francisco the smart pants
Francisco is a brilliant flamingo with way too much knowledge for his own good. His little head is filled with endless facts, but not a great amount of common sense.

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