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About us

We are, as you all might know, the fastest mammals on land. That‛s not all. There are many more interesting facts about us. So buckle up and join the ride!

We have adapted to live

As a Tiger, I have adapted to live in various conditions. I am comfortable in rainforests and grasslands. I also love the savannas and mangrove swamps. Most of these regions in which I am comfortable is now reducing fast. Some people say that 93% of such places have been turned into places of human activity.

Sharp eyes!

I have very sharp eyes! This is why I can see pretty well at night. I will avoid getting into any trouble with elephants, bears, and other wild cats as they can be dangerous.


I‛m the biggest cat in the world! Adult tigers can be 6 to 10 ft (1.8 to 3 M) long and weigh between 200 and 650 pounds (90 to 295 Kg). We are stronger than 5 adult humans. You can defeat us only by wit and never in a fight. Our strength comes from heavy muscles, powerful limbs, retractable claws, mighty jaws, sharp teeth and our keen senses make us good hunters.

Good swimmers

We are good swimmers and love to splash in rivers and other water bodies. We also catch and eat fish when we can.

Peaceful period

When we are calm, we walk with our head down and moan. And our moans can be heard ¼ mile (400 M) away!


You can usually see mother tigers with cubs. I can live to be as old as 26 years. Mother tigers can give birth to two to four cubs at a time. The cubs have to be taken care of when they are young. Or other animals may try to harm them.

Please save us...

If the forests where I hunt or streams, where I drink from, are destroyed, I will not be able to live anymore and will become extinct. Think about that!

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