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Cardinal Wreath

Cardinal Wreath

Wild Republic DIY

Cardinal Wreath

Craft Project

Materials Needed:

  • 18” grapevine from Michaels
  • AUD CARDINALS #18221 from Wild Republic
  • 3 berry stems from Hobby Lobby
  • Red deco mesh 10” wide from Hobby Lobby
  • 2 red shatterproof ornament bulbs
  • 3 floral heavy gage wires to attach cardinals to the wreath frame.
  • 1 red wired ribbon 1 ½”, 2- 2 ½” cardinal/berry wired ribbon for bow, 1 zip tie.
  • 10 chenille stems, Hot glue


  1. Clean grapevine, cut anything sharp off and pull out any dried leaves (this may take a while to do)
  2. Attach deco mesh with berry ribbon overlay around grapevine in 7” poufs using a chenille stem to secure.
  3.  Attach the wire to each cardinal. I used a sewing needle to help pull the wire through.
  4. Leaving space for the bow at 10 o’clock, attach all three cardinals in place in between poufs over the chenille stem.
  5. Hot glue berry greenery into the grapevine, under each cardinal.
  6. Glue the hanger onto the ornament and add the chenille stem through the ornament hanger.
  7. Cut ribbon tails 10” long 2 ½” size = 4 of one kind and 2 of the other (2 sets). Dovetail and lay 3 in star position (2 matching in X then a single one across the middle), pinch the center and attach with chenille stem with ornament and attach to the wreath.
  8. Add ornaments in between poufs where cardinals are not.
  9. Make a bow using 2 ½” and 1 ½” ribbon, zip tie before pulling tight add a chenille stem and attach it to the wreath.
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