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Halloween Raven Wreath

Halloween Raven Wreath


Wild Republic DIY

Halloween Raven Wreath

Craft Project

Materials Needed:

  • 18” wire frame from Dollar Tree
  • 12” raven #81089 from Wild Republic
  • 1-21” X 10 yards Deco mesh, I only needed 1 roll.
  • Lots of 4” Zip ties
  • 8 Chenille stems
  • 1 of 1.5” wired ribbon
  • Bow, 1.5” ribbon and 2.5” wired ribbon (4-5 styles)
  • 3 pcs 12” floral wire to attach raven.


  1. Attach mesh at the crossbar about an inch in with a zip tie on the center wire.
  2. Measure mesh at 10” and attach with zip tie on the middle wire all the way around,
  3. You need 4 poufs in each section.
  4. Attach the raven with the floral wire. I used a sewing needle to pull the wire through.
  5. Cut the ribbon at 12”, 1-1.5” and 2-2.5” ribbons, dovetail the ends, find the center and bunch them together and tie them with a chenille stem, make 6 bunches.
  6. Make a large bow and place it at 10 o’clock then add the ribbon tail bunches into the pouf all the way around to cover the base.
  7. I added a tree branch from Target to fill in the center behind Raven.
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