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Pirate Treasure Chest Planter

Pirate Treasure Chest Planter

Wild Republic DIY

Pirate Treasure Chest Planter

Craft Project

Any container can be converted into a planter. This pirate treasure chest is perfect for small plants and succulents.

Let your imagination run free as you create this fun and whimsical planter. Great for adults or school-age projects!

  1. Choose your favorite container fill with soil.
  2. Arrange accessories before planting plants.
  3. Add blue sea glass or stones to the ground cover

Materials Needed:

  • A container of your choice
  • Potting soil
  • Pirate figurines #12891
  • Pirate Bucket Set #22892
  • Pirate accessories
  • Blue sea glass or stones
  • Enhances with preferred materials

Choose your favorite bucket sets to add a fun and delightful touch to any container.

Adventure Bucket Set- Egypt #22854
Adventure Bucket Set – Dinosaurs #22113

Recycle any glass, plastic, or wooden container and embellish with your favorite materials.