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Mason Jar Winter Scene

Mason Jar Winter Scene

Wild Republic DIY

Mason Jar Winter Scene

Craft Project

A simple and adorable holiday craft is a perfect gift idea to do with your kids or on your own. Great for adults or school-age projects!

  1. Remove the lid of the mason jar
  2. Glue reindeer to the round wooden base, pull cotton balls apart, and glue to the top of the wooden base to give the appearance of snow on the ground.
  3. Place a quarter amount of glue on the inside bottom of the Mason jar to secure the wooden base to the jar.
  4. Add fake powdered snow with a tablespoon into the inside bottom of the Mason jar.

Place the lid back on and enjoy the holiday.

Materials Needed:

  • Medium-sized wide-mouth mason jar
  • Reindeer / Polybag of Wilderness Series 1 Figurines #21507
  • Cotton balls
  • Fake powdered snow (tablespoon)
  • One around wooden disc about an inch and a half tall. (Insert as a base at the bottom of the Mason jar.)
  • Liquid Glue or Hot Glue Gun
  • Enhances with preferred materials

Recycle small items for us as an accessory in the Mason jar.