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Republic Rescue

In Memory of Anne M. Foley

My mom always had a passion and love for caring for animals.  There were many times when an injured animal would cross her path and she would nurture and care for it as if it was her own child. In this particular photo a racing messenger pigeon had made it’s way to her front porch. My mother noticed that it’s feet were covered in tar as well as it’s beak. She was able to clean it all off and the bird was very friendly. Around it’s ankle it had a band and my mom researched it and  discovered it was a racing pigeon from out of state. The owner was contacted.  She was very humble about caring for animals and people. I am forever grateful to being the witness of her compassion to caring for life of each plant and animal.

-Maureen Chandran

As a mother, I see how my four-year-old child truly has benefited from having a pet. We have always had a rescue rabbit in our home. It is amazing to see how young children can soak up positive interactions with an animal naturally! My child is raised in an environment where he sees me caring and treating an animal with love. We want to instill these values of empathy, kindness, and respect to animals in our children throughout their lives.

It can be overwhelming as parents knowing all the changes that need to happen to help our planet. By bringing up our children with these values of care and kindness towards animals, we impart the desire parents can have a positive impact on the character of our children and our planet’s future.

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